Our Studio

Every day at Jason Withers Original Diamonds is filled with an exciting whirlwind of engagements, wedding plans and surprises. All it takes is an appointment, phone call, email or an iPhone application request and an exquisite tailor made piece of jewellery can be underway and ready within a few short weeks. Clients are welcomed into the Jason Withers Original Diamonds studio to meet and discuss their requirements whilst enjoying the luxury to sit and chat about the finer details of the piece with our expert jewellery designers, Jason Withers and Debbie Wilton.

In the studio

A woman will gaze upon her engagement ring on countless occasions during her lifetime therefore it is imperative to consider the following points.

1. Form and Design
The perfect diamond engagement ring must complement and reflect the wearer's personality. Equally important are practical details including finger size, comfort versus looks and the prospect of fitting a wedding band and eternity either side in the future.

2. Quality of the Diamond/s
It comes as no surprise that a jeweller will run through the "Four C's" when educating a client in terms of the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of a diamond. Jason and our expert designers are able to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Jason is open to any thoughts or opinions as it is his view that a client's contribution to the design is just as, if not more, significant than his own.

3. Quality of the Setting
The quality of a setting's precious metal alongside its workmanship and design are imperative factors to consider in regards to the longevity of a ring. Often in retail and online sales of jewellery, this important factor is overlooked. Jason Withers Original Diamonds utilise only the highest quality gold, silver, platinum and associated alloys. Our white gold is alloyed with palladium ensuring it is the whitest, brightest colour possible and will never fade to yellow.

Blueprint, Turnaround and Collection

Following the initial meeting, a job sheet is created for each client and is then added to after any prior meetings or correspondence. Fifty percent of the total agreed price of a design is the general requirement to commence production of the order; shipping of the diamond/s, crafting and setting the ring before it is hand finished. Once a ring design is confirmed, the next stage is production. Jason draws upon his fine workmanship skills to construct a technical CAD drawing or hand-crafted sketch that details each curve, angle and measurement of the design. This is then passed onto our superior metal suppliers and the diamond is ordered from one of a handful of our international diamond merchants.

3-4 weeks is all it takes for the end result to be in your hands. The outstanding balance is paid upon collection of the jewellery and diamond certification reports. Exclusive third party valuations are provided on the house by Jason Withers Original Diamonds with all engagement rings.

In the studio

Interstate and International Service

Our interstate and international clientele are never forgotten. Living in a location distant from our Brisbane studio doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the same esteemed service and exclusive jewellery lines offered to our local customers.

Jason regularly visits Sydney and Melbourne to meet with and personally hand deliver his jewellery to clients. He will do his best to have the product in his hands if it has to go somewhere far as he believes it is the quickest and safest method of delivery, especially for any item of great value.

If private delivery is not an option, we utilise Australian Air Express mail, Australia Express Post and Federal Express, insuring your piece with the highest of security by tracking its package location each day and requesting the earliest and fastest release. Click here for more shipping information.